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Top 10 Sasuke Ninja Warrior Participants of All Time

The 10 best Sasuke Ninja Warrior participants of all time!

I love Ninja Warrior! =) Sasuke is the ultimate obstacle course, the most difficult in the world. A sports entertainment phenomenon in Japan, now it has its complete version in America (American Ninja Warrior).

Since 1997, 27 tournaments where created, but only 4 times the course was 100% completed (the total completion of the course is called Kanzenseiha, when a participant conquers Mount Midoriyama).

Thousands tried (27.000!), including professional athletes, gymnasts, acrobats, olympic gold medalists, martial artists, comedians and parkour stars (curiously, none of them won)... but only a few will be remembered for their consistent good performances. Who are the 10 best Sasuke’s ninja warriors of all time?

This list was created through a ranking system of points. The third place in a Sasuke wins 1 point, the second 3 points, the best wins 5 points (the one who went the furthest – last man standing) and who achieves Kanzenseiha wins 7 points. In the end the points were added and the 10 with more points were selected to the top 10 Sasuke Ninja Warrior Hall of Fame. When participants have the same points, I favor consistency (more times in the 3 best) over “one hit wonders” =) This list is, of course, just for fun.

But first, the Honorable Mentions:


7 points

2x Second Best, 1x Third Best


7 points

1x Second Best, 4x Third Best


7 points

1x Kanzenseiha

The first participant to achieve Kanzenseiha. It was in Sasuke 4. He has not been able to repeat his success in part because of an eye condition (degenerative retinosis).

And now, the TOP 10 SASUKE NINJA WARRIOR Hall of Fame!!




8 points

1x Best, 1x Second Best

A sanitary engineer who in Sasuke 11, in the Second Stage, set a time record which stood for several years. He was the best participant in Sasuke 14.



8 points

1x Best, 1x Second Best

A japanese comedian who reached the Final Stage (there are 4 stages) in the first three Sasuke tournaments, and was the best participant in Sasuke 1.



9 points

1x Best, 1x Second Best, 1x Third Best

A firefighter who claims to have 3% body fat. He was the best participant in Sasuke 19.



11 points

2x Best, 1x Third Best

A Taiwanese rock climber. He was the best participant in Sasuke 25 and 26.



14 points

1x Best, 3x Second Best

A civic employee, and former triple jumper, who built over 13 replica SASUKE obstacles in his backyard (sometimes called the 'Shiratori Shrine'.) He was the best participant in Sasuke 16.



14 points

2x Best, 1x Second Best, 1x Third Best

A gas station manager who competed in all Sasuke tournaments (27). He usually competes in his gas station uniform shirt and cap (always with Esso/Mobil branding). He was the best participant in Sasuke 5 and 7.



17 points

1x Best, 2x Second Best, 6x Third Best

A firefighter best known for his incredibly consistent performances. He has advanced to the Third Stage a total of 13 times, a SASUKE record. He was the best participant in Sasuke 15.



18 points

3x Best, 1x Second Best

A former steel worker who was given the nickname "Mr. SASUKE" because he was once thought to be the most likely competitor to clear all four stages. He was the best participant in Sasuke 3, 6 and 10.



19 points

2x Kazenseiha, 1x Best

A shoe salesman who has attempted SASUKE seven times and the only champion to have cleared all four stages twice, in Sasuke 24 and 27.



“Ninja Warrior Legend”

162 cm 62kg

47 points

1x Kazenseiha, 7x Best, 1x Second Best, 2x Third Best

A fisherman and captain of his boat "The 28th Konpira Maru". He holds the record for most Final Stage appearances (five), and has achieved fastest times in the First and Second Stages on numerous occasions. He reached Kazenseiha in Sasuke 17.


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