sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Rich Evans vs. Xaomin Breaker - BSFC 18: Beast of the Worst, Tournament Final Match

It is the moment of truth for Rich Evans. He surprised everyone by defeating 3 powerful opponents and reaching the tournament's final match, and now his greatest challenge awaits him! Xaomin Breaker is a veteran fighter of Bacalhau Spirit FC, participating in these crazy tournaments since 2006. A master in the hit-and-run style, his strength is surreal and fueled by the Portuguese beer Mini Sagres. It is a battle of champions, a spectacle of fist fighting and a showdown of the Universe! It is the Beast of the Worst versus The Beast of Olivais: Who will win the tournament and get the chance to face the BSFC champion in the next edition...?


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